[SOLVED] Can I define a type of non-arrow function in ts?


In TypeScript, I can define a function type like this:

type MyCallback = (para: number|string)=> string

These functions will be used as event callbacks, so I want a normal function rather than arrow functions to avoid this issues occurring in arrow functions.

Is there a way to define a type that only allows normal functions?


Typescript actually doesn’t distinguish between arrow functions and regular functions when it comes to the type of a function. So the you are fine using the arrow function type to represent any callback:

type MyCallback = (param: number|string)=> string

function onValue(fn: MyCallback) {
  return fn(0)

onValue(o => o.toString())
onValue(function (o) { return o.toString() })

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There is a non arrow syntax for function signatures, but it’s usually used when you have to define overloads:

type MyCallback = {
  (param: string): string
  (param: number): string

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