[SOLVED] Calling variable defined inside one function from another function


if I have this:

def oneFunction(lists):

def anotherFunction():
    for letter in word:              #problem is here
        print("_",end=" ")

I have previously defined lists, so oneFunction(lists) works perfectly.

My problem is calling word in line 6. I have tried to define word outside the first function with the same word=random.choice(lists[category]) definition, but that makes word always the same, even if I call oneFunction(lists).

I want to be able to, every time I call the first function and then the second, have a different word.

Can I do this without defining that word outside the oneFunction(lists)?


One approach would be to make oneFunction return the word so that you can use oneFunction instead of word in anotherFunction :

def oneFunction(lists):
    category = random.choice(list(lists.keys()))
    return random.choice(lists[category])

def anotherFunction():
    for letter in oneFunction(lists):              
        print("_", end=" ")

Another approach is making anotherFunction accept word as a parameter which you can pass from the result of calling oneFunction:

def anotherFunction(words):
    for letter in words:              
        print("_", end=" ")

And finally, you could define both of your functions in a class, and make word a member:

class Spam:
    def oneFunction(self, lists):

    def anotherFunction(self):
        for letter in self.word:              
            print("_", end=" ")

Once you make a class, you have to instantiate an instance and access the member functions:

s = Spam()

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