[SOLVED] Callable function between two colab file


I’m working with google-colab.
Can it be possible to call a function from one colab file in to another colab project, as we do in python like importing file.

I have two colab files 1.ipynb and 2.ipynb.

Let’s say 1.ipynb has ABC function.
Now I want to utilize this already implemented ABC function into 2.ipynb

is there any way I can do it? or it’s not possible?


It’s possible using the import-ipynb libary:

!pip install import-ipynb
import import_ipynb

This lets you import code from .ipynb files in the same way you would from .py files – simply by calling import filename or from filename import function, class, etc. (which is more advisable).

Assuming you have your notebooks neatly organized on your Google Drive, eg. in MyDrive/Colab_Notebooks/ you can then mount it:

from google.colab import drive

and import the functions you want from the source notebook:

from drive.MyDrive.Colab_Notebooks.notebook1 import ABC, someOtherFunction

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