[SOLVED] C# asp.net web api automatically creates projects with top-level statements type is there any way to avoid that?


hello guys when I create a new asp.net core web api project, I think c# creates projects with top-level statements.Here is the freshly created web api project’s program.cs file
enter image description here

I am new to web api projects so I am not sure if I did something unintentionally but this is what I got


According to the docs, starting with .NET 6, the templates use top level statements. They say you should create a .NET 5 project and then manually change it to .NET 6 as a workaround if you don’t want to use top level statements.


The C# templates for .NET 6 use top level statements.

Tutorial: Explore ideas using top-level statements to build code as you learn

While a .NET 6 console app template generates the new style of top-level statements programs, using .NET 5 doesn’t. By creating a .NET 5 project, you’ll receive the old program style. Then, you can edit the project file to target .NET 6 but retain the old program style for the Program.cs file.

Use the old program style

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