[SOLVED] Azure App Service – Single AppRole across Services


I have an ASPNET Core Web Site called Web-App-1 and an ASP NET Core Web API called Web-Api-1.

  1. There is functionality in Web-Api-1 that I want to secure so that it can only be called by certain users.

  2. I also want to know in the Web-App-1 if the current user can call the secure functionality and if not I will not offer them the chance to do so.

I can satify requirement 1 by adding an AppRole to the api’s App Registration in AzureAd and checking the ClaimIdentity for that app role.

if (this.ControllerContext.HttpContext.User.HasClaim(
    "SecuredApiFunctionality") == false)
    return new UnauthorizedObjectResult("User does not have SecuredApiFunctionality role");

However when I look in the claims for that user within the context of Web-App-1 I cannot see "SecuredApiFunctionality". I assume this is because it is an AppRole belonging to Web-Api-1 and I am in Web-App-1.

I could define a second AppRole in Web-App-1 and setup priviledges to that too but that sounds like duplication to me. Is there a way of securing the API and the Web App using only one role?


Unfortunately, I don’t there’s other way to achieve what you want other than defining duplicate roles in the App.
If you look at this sample, it is how it’s done there.
There are also few other resources:

Another approach would be to call the API for the user’s access token and have his roles there.

To integrate the API call into Authorize attribute you can use IAuthorizationMiddlewareResultHandler. You can see simple example in docs or more comprehensive one in this post.

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