[SOLVED] AWS Elastic Beanstalk : the command eb list shows no environments


I am using Elastic Beanstalk and I have created 3 different environments. I used awsebcli. All of a sudden the command eb list doesn’t show me my enviroments because of which I am unable to deploy the environment. The error I am getting is ERROR: This branch does not have a default environment. You must either specify an environment by typing "eb status my-env-name" or set a default environment by typing "eb use my-env-name".
I tried eb status 'my-env-name', again I got an error : ERROR: The environment name 'my-env-name' could not be found. In short: I am unable to use any eb command.


The message itself is clear. You haven’t set an environment for the branch you are working on.

You can either switch to the branch it’s configure, but this means the changes you have in the current branch won’t be available on deploy, unless you merge thos changes or you can set an environment for the branch you currently are using the command eb use name-of-your-env. This last can also be configured in the Elastic Beanstalk configuration file of your application.

Hope this helps.

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