[SOLVED] Auto close QMessageBox


I’m building a Qt Symbian Project and I want to show a notification for the user that should auto close after some seconds. I have seen that Nokia uses this a lot in their ui.

Right now I’m using the code below so that the user can close the QMessageBox but I would like it if it was possible to auto close the QMessageBox after 1 or 2 seconds. How can I do this using Qt?

QMessageBox msgBox;


I would suggest to subclass QMessageBox to add your own desired behavior…

It would be interesting to add methods like setAutoClose(bool) and setAutoCloseTimeout(int) and trigger a QTimer on showEvent when the AutoClose option is enabled !

This way, you could even alter the apparence of your QMessageBox and had a text saying “This box will close automatically in XXX seconds…” or a progress bar, etc…

Answered By – Andy M

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