[SOLVED] ASP.NET Identity2 – How to get User Id with AllowAnonymous Controller?


I would like to save in a database(date and user) who views a web page that can be accessed by a authorized and anonymous users. Is there a way to make an action to work with both types because if the action is [AllowAnonymous], the user is not authenticated and I can’t retrieve the user id and if the action is [Authorize] the anonymous users can’t access the page.

public IHttpActionResult GetArticle(int id)
    var entity = this.DbContext.Articles.Find(id);
    var applicationUserId = User.Identity.IsAuthenticated ? User.Identity.GetUserId() : null;

    entity.ArticleViews.Add(new ArticleView
        ViewedOn = DateTime.UtcNow,
        ApplicationUserId = applicationUserId

    return Ok(article);


The solution was to have both [AllowAnonymous] and [Authorize]on the action

public IHttpActionResult GetArticle(int id)

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