[SOLVED] ASP.NET Core application can be run in .NET 4.7.2 environment?


I built an ASP.NET Core application, but I have a hosting server which allows .NET 4.7.2 version only.

Is it possible to deploy to that environment?


As @marc_s already said that you cannot run .NET Core on .Net xxx
run time as two version has it’s own runtime and they are different in
regards of its architecture.

If you have a .NET Core application, depending on its version, you could choose your runtime.

Here is the official release of all .NET Core versions:

enter image description here


If you have any requirement where you need to communicate both .NET Core xxx version along with the Classic .NET xxx version, there is a way to build a bridge between them that is .NET Standard library.
The main goal behind .NET Standard was to establish greater uniformity in the .NET ecosystem. You can get more details in the official document here

Hope above explanation guided you accordingly.

Answered By – Md Farid Uddin Kiron

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