[SOLVED] Angular Reactive forms : how to reset form state and keep values after submit


In an Angular reactive form. How to reset only the state of form after successful submit?

Here is the process:

  • Create the form and setValue from service result
  • Modify values and submit the form
  • If form is properly submitted to service, then reset and keep values

How to keep values as modified and reset the form to its pristine state.

A form.reset() simply empty the form. But if I don’t call it, the state is not reset and for example my validations depending on form state classes (pristine, dirty, valid etc.) are still there.


The solution of @smnbbrv works pretty well.

You can also provide your actual form value to reset() method.

Given the fact myReactiveForm is a Reactive form in your component. After successful submit of your form (by calling a service for example), then your can do:


It will reset the form and set the “new” form values to the same value you form had.

This method can be see within Tour of Hero example Official Angular.io doc

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