[SOLVED] Adding quotation makes to JSON String which contains some XML values


I’m trying to format a JSON input string in Javascript so that I can use it as a map.


To do this I need to put quotation marks around each key and value. Like here:

    "accountNumber": "12345",
    "paymentMethodObject": "<ns2:Token>123</ns2:Token><ns2:Type>CreditCard</ns2:Type>",
    "preview": "true"

The problem is when I try to do it, quotes get added to the XML values also because they also contain a colon.


Maybe you need to use method replace with pattern Regex that match key:value replace it with surrounded by quotes pair!

let strJSON = '{accountNumber:E22E6178D16777E1E053020011AC64B0,paymentMethodObject:<ns2:Token>123</ns2:Token><ns2:Type>CreditCard</ns2:Type>,preview:true}';
let objJSON = strJSON.replace(/(\w+):([\/<>:\w+]+)/g,'"$1":"$2"');

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