[SOLVED] Accessing a property in a parent Component


I have a property in a top level Component that is used data from a HTTP source like so (this is in a file called app.ts):

import {UserData} from './services/user-data/UserData';

    selector: 'app', // <app></app>
    providers: [...FORM_PROVIDERS],
    directives: [...ROUTER_DIRECTIVES],
    pipes: [],
    template: require('./app.html')
    // stuff here

export class App {
    // Please note that UserData is an Injectable Service I have written
    userStatus: UserStatus;

    constructor(private userData: UserData) {
        this.userStatus = new UserStatus();

    ngOnInit() {
            (status) => {
                this.userStatus = status; // I want to access this in my Child Components...
            (err) => {console.log(err);},
            () => {console.log("User status complete");            }

Now, I have another Component that is a direct child of the top level Component and within it I would like to access the parent’s property ‘userStatus‘, here is the child:

    selector: 'profile',
    template: require('app/components/profile/profile.html'),
    providers: [],
    directives: [],
    pipes: []

export class Profile implements OnInit {
    constructor() {


    ngOnInit() {
        // I want to have access with the parent App Component, 'userStatus' propety here... I only want to read this property

Now in Angular 1.x this would be easy as I could reference $parent in my child controller or (ANTI PATTERN ALERT!!!) I could be so foolish to put this data in my $rootScope.

What would be the best way to access the parent in Angular 2?


There are different way:

export class Profile implements OnInit {
constructor(@Host() parent: App) {
  parent.userStatus ...
  • data-binding
export class Profile implements OnInit {
  @Input() userStatus:UserStatus;

<profile [userStatus]="userStatus">

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