[SOLVED] Accessibility Inspector not working on Xcode Version 13.3 on macOS Monterey Version 12.3


I launch the Accessibility Inspector from within Xcode but it doesn’t let me interact with elements in the simulator.

I relaunched Xcode, the Accessibility Inspector and simulator but it doesn’t seem help.

The simulator I’m using is for iPhone 12.

Accessibility Inspector not working on iPhone 12 simulator

Any ideas?


Apple often seems to inadvertently break testing tools, especially the Test Recorder and Accessibility Inspector. I’d suggest you use an older version of Xcode until you have a strong need to upgrade. These can be downloaded from Apple’s More Downloads page.

If you wish to retain 13.3 I’d suggest renaming it to Xcode_13_3.app prior to installing a prior version, which will install as Xcode.app.

I also highly advise against using the App Store to keep your Xcode up to date (if that’s what you’re doing). Instead manually download new versions via the link above and rename old versions (in case you find broken things in the new one) also as described above.

Answered By – Mike Collins

Answer Checked By – Jay B. (BugsFixing Admin)

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