[SOLVED] Access UI components in QT by entering the name of the component?


I have a lot of ui components in my .ui file.

They have a similar name e.g analogRead0, analogRead1, analogRead2 and they have the same data type.

Is it possible for me to acces these fields inside the .ui file by using only the name?

I was thinking of I can make an instance of an object by just entering the name of the object, and not the class. Is that possible in QT?

For example, instead of writing

DoubleSpinBox *mySpinBox0 = ui->analogDifferentialInput0MaxDoubleSpinBox;
DoubleSpinBox *mySpinBox1 = ui->analogDifferentialInput1MaxDoubleSpinBox;
DoubleSpinBox *mySpinBox2 = ui->analogDifferentialInput2MaxDoubleSpinBox;
DoubleSpinBox *mySpinBox3 = ui->analogDifferentialInput3MaxDoubleSpinBox;
DoubleSpinBox *mySpinBoxN = ui->analogDifferentialInputNMaxDoubleSpinBox;

I can access all these DoubleSpinBoxes by entering the name analogDifferentialInput + a number + MaxDoubleSpinBox?


If you set the object name of the element in the Designer, then you can directly access them via findChild (once you have set up the ui…)

Here is an example, where I change the text for my 3 QPushButtons


for(int i = 1; i <= 3; ++i){
  auto btn = findChild<QPushButton*>("button"+QString::number(i));


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